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Some buzzwords cover such broad ground that they don’t necessarily register with you the first time you hear them. “Digital marketing” can be one such term. Everybody’s heard of digital marketing — but what exactly is it, and why is it so important to modern-day business success? Let’s take an introductory look at this state-of-the-art form of marketing.

What Does Digital Marketing Encompass?

In its broadest possible definition, digital marketing encompasses every marketing strategy and activity that uses the Internet as its communication medium. These activities can (and should) include:

  • Content marketing – The content you create to tell your marketing story and entice potential customers.
  • SEO – Search engine optimization techniques that lead customers to your marketing content.
  • Social media – YouTube, blogs, and other social media channels extend your digital marketing reach while also target specific audiences.
  • PPC – Pay-per-click advertising helps your brand to pop up in association with website and social media visits all over the Internet.
  • Sponsored articles – This marketing content resembles standard online information, except that it’s marked as sponsored content.
  • Email marketing – If you send out regular email articles, special offers, and other audience “touches,” you’re engaging in email marketing.
  • This list just scratches the surface of the wide world of digital marketing. The different strategies you employ can all cross-reference each other, enhancing each other’s effectiveness and strengthening your overall marketing position.

How Does Digital Marketing Help Your Business?

Digital marketing can do wonders for both B2B and B2C businesses in every industry. Perhaps its greatest benefit is its ability to give even small companies a global marketing reach they could never have dreamed of with off-line marketing techniques. At the same time, its laser-like precision lets you market to exactly the demographic you need, helping you get the most from your marketing investment. Your digital marketing metrics and analytics will provide you with invaluable data, which you can then use to refine your future marketing activities for even greater effectiveness.

What Could You Lose by Not Leveraging Digital Marketing?

Just as digital marketing can help you boost your business, failure to leverage digital marketing strategies can cost your business dearly, in more ways than one. Most obviously, you’ll lose prospective buyers to competitors in your industry who have already jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon and grabbed those buyers’ attention (and money). Additionally, the non-digital marketing practices you follow may yield far more scattershot and imprecise results than you could get from digital marketing, with its baked-in ability to monitor and track online interactions in detail. Last but not least, you’ll miss the chance to market your business directly to customers through their mobile devices, an increasingly critical strategy for sales success.

Now that you understand some basic points about digital marketing, get your business up to speed on this powerful means of attracting new customers and hanging onto old ones. Contact us so we can create your comprehensive digital marketing plan!

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