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Website creation can be an intimidating prospect, especially for those with no experience in the field. Even so, you may find it hard to resist the idea of going with a DIY website builder. These providers promise a no-sweat, no-experience-needed experience that gets a good-looking site up and running in next to no time, presumably turning just about anyone into a website builder. It sounds like the perfect solution — but let’s look at some reasons why it isn’t.

SEO Problems

Any successful website must adhere to the currently-accepted search engine optimization (SEO) practices demanded by Google and other leading search engines. Sadly, too many DIY website builders fall down in this department, resulting in websites that don’t attract the right kind of web traffic, if they attract any traffic or search engine rankings at all.

These poor SEO practices will most likely escape your notice because the problems they create occur “under the hood,” not on the surface. For instance, your site may be built on Flash (which Google essentially ignores as information), or it may be missing critical metadata or title tags. It may also include URL links that look perfectly valid but end up bogging down your site performance. Some DIY websites may not even have sitemaps, a critical element which Google’s bots use to crawl your data. All of these problems can conspire to keep your site invisible to your target audience and the major search engines.

Design Problems

Going with a preset range of designs may not simplify your life as much as you think — especially if you were hoping for a magically effortless experience. DIY website builders may come with many design templates, allowing you to switch from one to another fairly easily. But that doesn’t mean that any of the available templates will really suit your vision for what you want your site to be. As a result, you may end up having to modify visual elements or color choices. You could have hired a custom website design company, gotten exactly what you wanted the first time, and spent almost none of your valuable billable time in the process.

Don’t fall into the DIY trap. Contact us today to request the high-quality website your organization deserves!

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